There is a common cultural stigma amongst many Muslim South Asians that once you are divorced, it is looked upon as a negative thing to re marry and find someone else. We do not believe in this, being divorced is part of life and is a part of life for many. Islam has given men and women many rights and neither man nor women should feel judged by others for this.

Being divorced has challenges that do not go away on their own. For single Muslims there can be a lot of emotional and mental baggage following a divorce and you must actively do certain things to heal, process and move forward.

You may be wondering what qualifies us to offer advice? We are a Muslim matchmaking service that has been helping Muslims find their life partner for 10 + years. We not only match but coach and support our clients through their challenges in order for them to find their partner easier.

Below are some top tips to finding your life partner after divorce.

  1. Reflect and process. Don’t be quick to jump into a new relationship. Within our Muslim marriage service we find that when you try to meet new people without having processed your past, it causes a lot of confusion and prolongs your search.
  2. Once you have processed your past, don’t compare new people to your previous partner. Everyone is different and whilst you want to safe guard yourself, you should look at the person in front of you and make an informed decision to not rush into anything and use what you have learned and understand what you will and will not accept.
  3. Meeting new people with a fresh perspective. Enjoy meeting new people and learning more about yourself in the process.
  4. Find an avenue where you meet quality people for marriage, using the wrong avenue can lead to having a negative experience when searching for your partner. This also means you will meet more matches in your wavelength.
  5. When you meet someone new, avoid telling them everything in the first meeting. Get to know them and over a short period of time slowly discuss your past. Telling someone everything before they know you will leave a negative impact. However, once you get to know them a little, they will know more about you and be able to have context when you discuss your past. Also remember if it is private to you, you do not need to share it with anyone too soon, providing it doesn’t affect them in anyway.

If you are a single Muslim in London or any other city in the UK and are looking for marriage, you have to meet the right people. Meeting the right people will allow everything to fall into place better and uncomplicate your life.

If you need any help or advice, feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to offer support.