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Online Relationship Masterclasses

Everybody talks about getting married, but nobody helps you with the hurdles involved to get there…we do.

We have had 22 years of combined experience supporting Muslim individuals find their partner and along the way we have learned first-hand all about their struggles and worries. We knew that the first step to finding your life partner isn’t actually always jumping into the deep end and meeting different people, a lot of the time we have found you need to address your past relationships and marriages, or you may need to re valuate your search to understand just what is going wrong and why haven’t you found the right person.

Who are our Masterclasses for?

If you are single and looking for a partner you will definitely benefit from our relationship’s masterclasses. You can learn in 1 session what it has taken us years to evaluate and process. We have listened to real people, just like you about what exactly their issues are, and we have supported them in overcoming their own individual worries.

Tired of meeting people only for it to not lead anywhere? Learn how to really identify red flags and stop the never ending cycle of people wasting your time and effecting your mental and emotional health.

Access everything you need to take control of your search for your life partner now!


You are tired of being misled by the wrong people.

You are using apps and websites to meet people but need help in being successful.

You don’t want to waste your time on people who are not serious about you.

You are struggling to get over a past relationship.

You want to impress the people you meet.

You want to improve yourself and learn what you may be doing wrong.

You want to empower yourself and take control of your search!

The Masterclasses we offer:

The Online Success Guide

With this info packed masterclass, you can learn all about the world of online Muslim dating and how exactly to navigate it and see results!

Detox From Your Ex

If you are divorced, separated or things didn’t work out with someone you liked, then this masterclass is for you. We focus specifically on the main challenges that comes from heartbreak and how to let yourself move on and find closure or find the right person for you.

Impress Someone You like in 40 Minutes

We mean exactly what this title says, often people meet for coffee, and it doesn’t go as planned or things don’t work out between you. We teach you how to use your 40 minutes wisely and how to impress your match for them to want to meet you again.

Mindset To Marriage

This masterclass is all about your mindset, you may be saying and doing all the right things, but you might find that things aren’t progressing. Your mindset is the first thing that you should consider when you’re looking for a partner. If your mindset doesn’t match where you currently are and the journey you are on, then you need to understand and adjust the way you are doing certain things.