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If you are a Muslim single parent looking for a partner then we can help you. The fact that you hear shows you are curious or have a clear idea that you are looking to settle down, that’s a great first step.

It can be challenging to open yourself up again and get to know someone new, especially with your children in mind. At Personal Match UK we have worked with thousands of Muslim divorcees and single parents to help them meet quality matches and support them throughout.

Co parenting or raising your child single-handedly is a massive achievement and we recognise this. We have learned through working with many individuals that their children are their main priority, and they should be.

We are very passionate about helping single parents and believe they should find their happiness and companionship. We introduce you to quality individuals that you can meet in a stress and pressure free environment.

You may be wondering, who are we?

We are a bespoke Muslim matchmaking service that works on a 1-2-1 level with your clients to support them in meeting serious and committed matches. Our clients are UK based professionals that are looking to settle down. The coaching and support we provide has benefited many Muslim single parents, it has helped them process and understand their past in order to move on to meet someone new.

It is a common complaint amongst single parents that they do not wish to waste their time meeting individuals on Muslim dating apps that are not serious and are not looking to take on commitment. With our service, all clients are internally screened to ensure they are a quality match who is committed to settling down, all that’s left is for you to meet them and see how things go.

Why not have a chat with us? If you click on the calendar below, you can speak with a trusted team member. Our team member can run through how our process works and answer any questions you may have.

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