Finding a Muslim life partner can be challenging, especially if you struggle to communicate and you find that you are more of an introvert.

If you find that you don’t tend to make new friends easily and you focus on the circle that you have, it can mean that you will find meeting new people for marriage a struggle. A lot of people feel anxious or nervous in an environment where they meet new people. However, when you come into such a situation, after a few minutes you become comfortable and start accepting the situation.

Being a Muslim in the UK and looking for marriage can be a lonely feeling, despite all the options available to you, if you do not have the right support as an introvert, it can make it a longer process.

It is important to address what you may be feeling anxious about, such as, unsure of someone’s intentions, being misled, not sure how to communicate with a partner or what to even expect. If you don’t seek the right support these feelings may only be enhanced and create bad experiences for you along the way.

Many struggle to initiate conversation, expand on topic points or share what is on their mind, making it difficult to build a connection. Now, when  it comes to you finding your life partner, this can make you unable to judge them accordingly or ask relevant questions to understand the person. Also, at the same time, you will feel that you aren’t getting positive feedback but you don’t know where you’re going wrong, it can be all very confusing.

If any of this sounds similar, then do not worry we are going to guide you with the simple steps of finding a partner if you are an introvert.

We have 20 years’ experience in Muslim Matchmaking, we have spoken to thousands of individuals like yourself, so don’t worry. No matter how you feel about it, break the barrier and follow these steps:

Preparation – Write It Down:

The first thing is to bring all your thoughts together and sit in silence and ask yourself what you are looking for in your life partner, think it through and understand your wants and needs. This helps you not to spend your time on the wrong people.

Then write down at least 3 questions in your notebook. These questions might will not cover everything in your mind but they will cover enough to understand your match better. When you have a defined list of questions, you can have more control and know what you want to say. Practising will help massively. Some good questions below:

  1. What’s your family dynamic like?
  2. Tell me more about your interests and hobbies – discuss more about them
  3. What is something you would still like to achieve in life?

Focusing on body language:

Now, second on the list is learning to focus on your body language and how you come across. We aren’t always aware how we come across to others. Body language is a huge part of any conversation in making the other person feel comfortable.

  • When you do not feel to talking or when you have no idea how to initiate conversation, just give a smile to the other person and the other person will initiate the conversation for you.
  • Good posture, shows your engaging and paying attention.
  • Talking with your hands, move your hands and arms are you speak it created a more relaxed conversation
  • It can be tricky but try to maintain eye contact during your conversation.

Select a comfortable place:

Third on the list is to select the right place to meet your match because if you select a random place that you have never visited, you will feel anxious from the start. Select the right place to meet someone, so that you can be comfortable throughout and then follow the steps mentioned above.

Use Short Answers:

Now last on the list, Introverts may not be very good at showcasing what they really feel inside, so when your match asks you some questions, instead of trying to answer in detail, respond with short but sweet answers. You will then be able to deliver what you feel without worrying about what to say. This way the other person can make up his/her mind. If the relationship grows then you will get plenty of time to express yourself.

If you struggle to find people and introduce yourself, have you tried getting a third party involved? Muslim matchmaking services can be a great way to meet quality people in a respectable environment. It can take the extra pressure and stress away from you.

Mainly, remember you are not alone. There are thousands of people in the exact same situation. It’s all about the next step you take in your search for your life partner.