Do you do Muslim Matchmaking in London?

Yes, we have a large number of single Muslim clients within the London area. We also match clients from Birmingham, Manchester, Wales and Scotland.

Is your service like Muslim dating?

We are quite different to Muslim matching/dating apps. We personally match you based on the information in your discovery call with us. The matches are selected based on who we believe is the closest match based on who you are and then arrange for you both to meet. We do not arrange random match or use algorithms – we have a dedicated team who personally match you based on speaking to you and your match.

How quickly can you find a match?

We are dedicated to finding you a match who meets your requirements. Our match guarantee promises a match within the first month.

What’s the success rate?

We have so far matched 3500 couples who have gone on to marry. We have even had some Covid-19 weddings, engagements and exchanges of communication! Our robust, personalised and bespoke matching services combined with our unique coaching services means that our clients have had the best opportunity to benefit from our services to enhance their meets.

How do you match?

We manually search for a match based on your requirements that we have taken from you. We have a large database of professional, Muslim British individuals who are ready to settle down.

What is your match guarantee?

Our Personal Match Guarantee gives our clients the assurance and peace of mind that they will be well looked after. We promise our clients that we have their best interest at heart and will match them with quality, professional and responsible individuals who are ready to settle down. Our clients meet educated, professional, British Muslims.

How much does PMUK charge?

Our services are unique and bespoke to each client. We offer our platinum services to our clients which includes a number of meets and our bespoke coaching services which benefits you through the journey from being single to married.


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