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What is a

Muslim Personalised Matchmaker?

You may be wondering what Muslim personalised matchmaking actually is, it’s quite different from the normal ‘Auntie Jee’ services that most have become used to. Whilst meeting potential partners through your local auntie has been effective for many years for some, time has evolved, and from our experience it’s not quite what people are looking for these days.

With a personalised Muslim Matchmaker, it’s not only about meeting people for marriage, but it is also an experience. We have often heard feedback from our clients that during our discovery process, many often find out a lot about themselves.

You might find that you say certain things out loud that you haven’t really said before, and it is simply because nobody has ever asked you about it. We aim for you to discuss and open up about what is your biggest concerns are and how can we fix them for you.

Our personalised Matching services includes

Internally vetting your matches.

Exploring and learning about you, what has and hasn’t worked previously.

Personal 1-2-1 introductions with your matches.

Providing you with individual private feedback on the matches you meet, you learn what their thoughts are, and this helps you develop further.

Support when you like someone, we are the 3rd party that buffers out any misunderstandings between you to increase your chances of success.

How do you benefit?

Saves you time in your busy life, you do not need to worry about when the next time you meet someone will be. You do not have to stress if they are a quality match or about arranging to meet up. We do everything.

You can truly see what it is like to meet committed people.

We are selective with who we represent, this means you will only meet people who we strongly believe are respectful and responsible people.

Did you know that you have a much higher chance of success when you are represented by someone? We speak on your behalf with you matches to ensure both parties are comfortable.

You will have a team to support you with any questions or concerns throughout the process, the more we know about how you feel, the better we can increase your experience with us.