We all know the world is now changing at rapid speed – And with this change, businesses and consumers are also demanding new, innovative and a personalised approach to meet their needs. 

I’ve been in the business and coaching scene for a number of years now, and the increase in the various kinds of coaching courses available to people out there has exponentially grown. There are life coaches teaching people how to live a fuller, happier and more successful life; Business coaches helping start-ups, entrepreneurs and seasoned business people build, grow and see the full potential in their business. Fitness coaches helping people stay agile, fit and healthy and of course there’s relationship coaching, that helps people understand and ‘manage’ their relationships – and that’s something I am passionate about. 

There is a known taboo within the Asian and Muslim communities admitting someone needs help or coaching – but we say why not? If there is something you know needs changing, then why not change it? And if there is someone, or something out there that can support you – It’s best to take that chance and opportunity – It’ll only ever help you improve your chances, your mindset, your life for the better. With this in mind, studies are showing that there has been an increase in minority communities coming forward to accept they need some form of coaching – the reason why there is so much on offer out there now as opposed to just a couple of decades ago.

There are so many benefits of coaching and seeking support, but it’s so important to get the right support. Firstly, what style and type of coaching do you need? As the world has moved to digital, the options have expanded. No longer do we need a plush office, tube lights and a comfy couch, nor do we need to travel to attend a two day seminar out of town. It’s all online. And all so simple to reach. So what do the coaches offer? What do they stand for? What will the outcome be and what do they ‘add-in’ Is their support more email based or can you pick up the phone/dial into a zoom call. These perks really help set the mood and tone for what is to come next. It is crucial to ensure an individual has done their homework before selecting the right coaching course as it could get very intense and/or deflating otherwise. 

Its’ actually becoming normal seeking help in this world where things are sometimes so cut throat and so fast paced that individuals often need a reality check, something to slow their racing minds down, someone to guide them through a tough time or just someone who is lonely and needs some advise. It’s great having a loving bubble of people around you who can offer support and be a shoulder to lean on and provide their honest, helpful advice and opinions, but sometimes a professional knows the right way to help you understand the situation from an unbiased standpoint and that is what people often lack in their lives.

PMUK Coaching Services provide a comprehensive coaching service for individuals who are looking to settle down and marry, and couples who are newly married or who are getting married to provide guidance through the entire process. 

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