Asalaam’Alaikum! Today, we’re discussing what marriage means to different people, and hopefully working out what it means to you. Marriage holds high value in most people’s lives and is Islamically half of our deen (faith). People marry for different reasons and working out why is important to consider for yourself, and for your potential spouse.

Some reasons that people get married include:

  • RELIGION: Marriage was prescribed for mankind as something that completes them and unites two like minded people. Marriage prevents sin in many ways, and some may marry to avoid those sins. Marriage is a blessing and some people with spirituality may consider marrying because it is a command from God, one that pleases Him.
  • AGE: Reaching a certain “right age” to get married and still being single can be a reason to get married for some people. In some cultures, women and men alike, are expected to get married by a particular age to avoid “getting too old”.
  • ACHIEVEMENTS: Some cultures also encourage people to marry once they’ve achieved a certain goal. For some, it’s a degree or a stable job, whilst others wait to buy a house or a car of their own. This can be stressful for some people and delay chances at marriage.
  • FINANCIAL: Some people marry once they’re stable financially, in terms of being able to provide for more than just themselves. Islam places obligations on the husband and wife over one another, especially the husband having a requirement to provide for his wife and his family.
  • CHILDREN: This may sound like an odd reason to get married, but you’d be surprised. Some people may marry for the sake of children. Islam encourages people to have and raise children, as part of their life. Marrying for the sake of having a family and starting a new chapter is a big motive for many people.

Choosing the right kind of partner (another post for another day, coming soon) is a whole other topic in itself. But considering the reason as to why you, and your potential spouse, want to get married is really important. Discussing this topic allows for conversation surrounding reasons and comparability of each others motive behind marriage. Not only would you work out why you want to get married but you can see what your potential partner thinks. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same reason as you, but maybe one you can understand and agree on. Going into marriage, or anything really, with different goals can lead to misunderstandings and couples finding their partner inconsiderate and/or too different to them.

It’s also okay to not know why you want to. Some people find that once they have met a potential spouse and discussed their similarities, likes and dislikes and even future plans – they can come to a mutual conclusive answer as to why they both want to get married (hopefully – to each other!).

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Stay tuned to our Ramadan Collective for more posts coming up, including halal dating, istikhara for the sake of marriage and sadaqah-jaria. May Allah guide us all to His path and keep our intentions firm in His religion, Ameen. Until next time..


Haajarah Hussain