So, this is one of the many topics that I feel there isn’t enough content about in order to encourage success when Muslim individuals meet for marriage. When a couple meet for the first time, there are a lot of different factors to consider. Within this specific article we are focusing on the Energy and Chemistry of a couple that has met for the first time. It’s a known fact amongst my team that a person’s mindset can have the biggest effect on their relationship life. Finding two people who are not only mentally, emotionally and physically compatible, but they must also be at the right place in life … at the same time.

Some feel that there should be ‘Chemistry’ from the off-set. In reality, it doesn’t usually happen like that. There can be a basic connection at the beginning but as for a long lasting one you need to consider a few things.

Take yourself for example, have you ever met a person and initially thought wow this person is so easy to speak to? Probably, and this is a sign of good energy. The point I’d like to make is, it is a very surface level connection as when you meet someone, you aren’t how you would normally be with your best friend or family members.

It can take a few meetings to warm up to someone and as your communication progresses past all the pleasantries you can let your guard down and focus more on how you both react to each other’s comments, lifestyles and personalities.

Most Muslims who meet for marriage think that chemistry comes down to attraction and personality match and it can be, but have you ever met someone you found unattractive solely because of their personality? There are so many factors involved.

What is Chemistry?

  • The good and bad balance out.
  • Two people finding common ground
  • Open minded to each other’s lifestyles
  • Basic level of attraction, a gradual increase in attraction is more longer lasting than an immediate spark “I thought she wasn’t my type but as we spoke more, I think we connected better.”

Speeding up a reaction 

Of course, if you meet someone and there is zero connection then you shouldn’t proceed. However, if you feel the conversation and the energy was good, but not great, then you should consider meeting again. If you have some chemistry initially, which we have already identified means you both balance each other’s personalities and have a flexible approach to each other’s ideas and lifestyle then this will allow your relationship to progress at a much faster rate. You don’t have to have all conditions and emotions met in the first meeting, this is unrealistic and will only lead to frustrations down the line.

Energy is everything when you are meeting someone, something as simple as this can have a massive impact on the outcome. Think about it like this the next time you meet someone, you might surprise yourself!

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