When you are a busy Muslim individual looking for marriage, it can be so challenging to meet decent people. London is an example of Muslim people living an extremely busy work and social life and they often leave marriage on the back burner, of course I cannot speak for everyone but there are many who can relate to this, my clients specifically.

So, who can they turn to? Let’s look at Muslim Matchmakers and are they worth it?

For busy Muslim Londoners, a Muslim Matchmaker doesn’t always come to mind straight away. When they do think of more personal avenues, the South Asian ‘Rishta Auntie’ comes to mind, which is quite different from an established Muslim Matching Service.

When selecting the right Matchmaking Service, you want to ensure you feel comfortable speaking with your matchmaker, also that you can feel reassured that they understand your pain points and problems. If you find the right one, they should practise the points mentioned below.

What are some of the benefits of Muslim Matchmaking?

  • An internal vetting process, each client they bring on should be internally vetted to ensure they are a quality match for you.
  • Saving you time, you shouldn’t need to worry about the stress of arranging meetings, organising and planning. This should be all taken care of by your matchmaker.
  • Individual time and communication, you should expect your matchmaker to give you 1-2-1 time allow you to open up about what is on your mind, this will help with the matching process.
  • Making the most of your valuable time. You won’t need to worry about spending hours online and on apps to meet people frequently.
  • The comfort that your matchmaker has gotten to know your match and can vouch for them.
  • 3rd party representation has proven to increase success rates when being introduced as this ensures a neutral ground and support system.

My advice is don’t hold off from giving a Muslim Matchmaker a try, not every service is the same. Some will be better than others with higher success rates and will offer different ways of introducing you to suitable potentials.

Do some research, book an appointment and find out if you like how they work, only then decide taking it forward and joining one. Don’t allow bad experiences with your past relationships or searching for a partner to stop you from finding support and meeting your life partner. After all, meeting a partner the halal way isn’t the easiest, especially if you do not have much time to be filtering out everyone you meet yourself.

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