If you’re single, Muslim and ready to marry, there’s two things to think about. Firstly, your search should have no stops and restarts, neither should you encounter any road blocks that prevent you from continuing your search. Secondly, the opportunities are out there but you have to make the move and find the right avenue of finding a partner that suits your personality and your lifestyle.

I’d like to talk about these two points more broadly now.

So the first point is, why should you stop searching for a partner when you are ready to marry?

I’m sure you’ve all done it.. you put yourself last. You find excuses which prevent you from searching for the one and in hindsight shouldn’t get in the way of you getting married or finding a person you’d want to spend your entire life with. This can be previous relationships that are preventing you from moving forward and avoiding you from your heart being broken again.

There isn’t a right time to get married or begin the process of finding your spouse, but it’s about using your time wisely. Time never comes back and missed opportunities never make anyone feel better. So why not utilise the time and softly allow yourself to continue your search? It could be a chance encounter or even using a professional, personalised service like Personal Match UK. The point is, you have the choice if you continue your search. If you put an end to it, you’ll never know what you missed out on and could harbour regret a few years down the line.

My second point is all about choices. What choice do you have when it comes to finding a partner? Marriage is a complex institution and finding a suitable, likeminded person to call your husband or wife is a decision to be taken very seriously and sensibly.

It’s also important to use the facilities around you wisely. For example if you are an introvert or like a more relaxed environment, speed dating is probably not your modus operandi. However, a more personalised and discreet approach will suit you, like what Personal Match UK offer. We are bespoke and personalised to fit your needs.

There are hundreds of apps and hundreds of other avenues out there in our Muslim community who promise access to hundreds and thousands of people all across the globe and their style of matching does work for the right person.

Research has shown only 20% of online users are actually serious in offering commitment. We are now living in an age where trust is hard to come by – it’s a limited resource and that’s where our dedicated team come into it. We ensure you are safe and protected.

At Personal Match UK, we are the professional version of the age old matchmakers. Combined with our modern technology and our years of experience, we also have the knowledge of our Muslim communities and what it entails to look for a spouse. We also provide bespoke coaching services that helps and supports our clients through the process of looking for a partner.

We can relate to every type of individual and cater for everyone. We have a huge reach and are currently supporting clients from UK, Australia, Canada, USA and Europe.

Our clients are all professional Muslims who are single and ready to marry. Our services are personalised and unique.

To find out more, simply contact us!