Whether it’s relationship issues, marital problems, money woes, work stress, peer pressure or family problems – We have all experienced something that keeps us up at night!

Often families, friends and close ones pick up the pieces, and their advice suffices for us as comfort of knowing they are here for us. After all, they know you and within their capacity, want what is best for you so advise accordingly right? But what about when you don’t feel any better or the advice is conflicting with what you want? Or what about the time YOU couldn’t open up completely?

Being an Asian Muslim myself and working within our Muslim, Asian society, I know from both personal experience and from my clients, friends and family that there are certain standards and etiquettes we are automatically trained to adhere to. There is a stigma ingrained within us that stops us from receiving emotional help. There is a culture created where we do not open up about our feelings and address them – and this leads to long term effects.

It’s a known fact that there is huge pressure on young Asian men and women of this age. They have careers, families, spouses, futures, religion, customs, culture to balance and maintain – Add personal preferences, choices, mindsets – and the barriers between oneself and what the world expects of them can lead to many people feeling alone, vulnerable, not understood – which ultimately leaves to mental health issues if it is not addressed or broken down.

Have you ever heard people say they met a person on a train and they got talking and at the end of the journey they felt like they’d known each other a whole lifetime? That’s because at that time, they were themselves and felt unjudged and could really open up! And often that person feels in a much better place after that encounter.

This is what coaching from a non-bias person means and does. A complete stranger with the right expertise and knowledge to listen to you and then advise you in a professional capacity. It gives you a quick check-in and opens your eyes to solutions and a different perspective with a lot of encouraging guidance.

Coaching sessions really are the next best thing for people who are otherwise not able to address issues that are affecting them.

Hers’s how J. Akram from Glasgow, one of our coaching clients, benefitted from going through our course.

J had been looking for a partner for three years, during her second session with us she began to open up about her past relationship and how toxic it was. 

This relationship was a major factor as to why she was not able to emotionally move on to meet anyone else. She had no closure or resolve mentally and as a result anyone she was meeting through family and friends or online wasn’t working out. Had she not spoken up about it, would she have realised? How long would she have continued her search without working on herself first?

With time, and going through the course in a holistic way, step by step, J began to feel much lighter and appreciated that her future will only be what her actions and mindset of today is. We saw she began to really open up and was more positive in her approach on understanding her past.

Just by talking and opening up about what is going on in your mind and receiving advise from someone with years of experience can honestly help digest past problems and move further faster.