Feeling frustrated with your options for prospective partners? Tried online dating, speed dating & getting fixed up by friends to no avail? Starting to think that you are doomed to be alone?

Fear not, you are merely suffering from dating fatigue! Here are some tips to help you go from discouraged to optimistic:

Reassess Your Dating Profiles

Take a look at how you present yourself to the world and try to assess it from the point of view of someone who has never met you. Be honest, engaging and interesting. Think of what makes you, you. What makes you laugh, what excites you, what are your passions? Reflect on your hobbies and interests. Show yourself off and be proud to be your authentic self.

Think About Your “Perfect Match”

Ask yourself what you are really looking for in a partner. Put aside all the preconceived ideas you have about what your “perfect match” would be and think about the essentials in your future partner. This will allow you to widen the net a little without compromising yourself.

Positive Mental Attitude

It can be so hard once we find ourselves in a funk to pull out of it but positivity is essential when looking for love. Would you want to meet someone who is cynical and negative all the time? Of course not. It’s important to be realistic but negativity will get you nowhere. Focusing on the positive will make you feel better and make you nicer to be around, which will attract more people to you.

“Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady”

If you like someone, talk to them. Don’t always wait for them to make the first move. This applies online and in the real world. Start a conversation. If you find that talking to them makes you like them more, ask them out. If they say yes, Great! If not, always be respectful and accept their feelings, tell them how lovely it was to meet them and move on. The more you put yourself out there, the more comfortable you will become doing so. Confidence is attractive.

Take A Break

Step back. Go offline. Spend some time with friends, read some new books, have alone-time. Just live your life and see what happens without the pressure for a while. It doesn’t have to be a long while, even a little time can make a huge difference to your perspective. Who knows your idea of what you want might shift. Give yourself the space to see what happens.

Try Something New

Always fancied rock climbing? Salsa dancing? Chinese cookery lessons? Or joining a book club? Go for it! Get out there and try something new. Meet a new crowd. You never know where a new pursuit might lead, or who it might lead you to!

Hire A Matchmaker

Take the pressure off and allow someone else to do the legwork. There are many great reasons to hire a matchmaker. Unlike online dating, the service is tailored to your needs. A matchmaker will get to know you, find out what is important to you and match you with someone who is truly on the same wavelength. No algorithms. No catfish. No swiping. No online profiles. No more time wasted.

Try some of these tips and you’ll soon be out of the slump and feeling lucky in love again!