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At PMUK our team have a huge passion for bringing individuals together, we are very involved in supporting and guiding the clients we represent to meeting good people. We originally set out to help our local communities and now Alhumdullilah, we help Muslims throughout the UK, USA, Dubai and more.

We truly care about the outcome for our clients, and we are blessed to work with such amazing people that have helped us grow to where we are today. It all starts with a simple act of wanting to help someone, a neighbour, friend or family member. Everyone will always have a need to find a partner, if you can take part in supporting someone you care about, that is one of the biggest gifts you can ever give and receive rewards from Allah SWT for your efforts.

Helping a Single, Divorced or Widowed Muslim find a partner is the best thing you can do for someone and when we see positive change for someone it makes everything worthwhile. We understand the frustrations many individuals have gone through, many have discussed with us there struggles with Muslim dating apps, Muslim marriage events and similar others. So, this is exactly why we offer a completely different experience with individual support and we tailor to what our clients need. We look at what kind of person our clients are and what they are looking for in a partner.

We offer high quality meetings in a safe and secure environment, in-keeping with Islamic principles but in a unique way. For us, perfecting our process is important as it allows us to offer a smooth service to clients.

We don’t only match couples, we have a coaching and support service that is not only available to our clients but to anyone who is currently in need of some support and guidance.

We have built our support sessions throughout the years, learning and understanding exactly what real Muslim individuals struggle with and ways we can help. We have implemented our sessions and have noticed a massive difference in our clients searches and success rates.