“I’ve been working within the Muslim matching field in the UK for the past 20 years. My children were young at the time and I was working in private banking. I started volunteering for different charities and soon I became project manager within Scotland for a London-based charity. Naturally I began to meet people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Listening to different stories about how my Muslim brothers and sisters struggle to find a life partner touched me and I knew I had to help. The satisfaction from helping one person find another was incredible. I felt there had to be a way of creating something secure, a way for Muslims to meet. I was sitting in a restaurant one day, doodling on a napkin and I began to map out my thoughts, a short time later Personal Match UK was born. I started out creating a business that, at the time, there was nothing in the UK like it (and there still isn’t). All praise to Allah swt for His blessings.”



“No match-maker can ever promise marriage, but what can be offered is quality matches and the chance at actually meeting good, decent people and that can be rare for most. What I set out to do is offer an avenue for muslims to meet in a comfortable environment to meet like-minded people. As a team, we spend hours and hours matching one person based on their personality and preferences. The fact I can confidently offer this as a possibility for people who are looking for a marriage partner is amazing to me, Allah swt has blessed us immensely. My mother and I have always had the same outlook for our business. We only take on clients who we feel are good people, so I know when I introduce two people they already have a great chance at happiness, hearts and minds are connected by Allah swt.”


Client Communication Manager


Relationship Consultant

“The best thing about working with Personal Match UK is being at the forefront of helping people find lifelong partners but also find themselves. I really enjoy speaking to people from different personalities and walks of life.Our process is a combination of traditional but contemporary and allows people to meet people with clear and genuine intentions, I love that everyone matched are hand picked by us.”


“I love every aspect of my job, I enjoy supporting the team and seeing our efforts come to light. PMUK stands out because of their passion and their dedication towards their clients.”