How it Works



Being a single Muslim looking for a marriage partner is not always easy and we are here to make it better.


  1. Let’s chat, contact us for us to get an idea about each other
  2. Discovery call: We chat to you, we get to know you as a person, how you think and if we can help you. We assess your personality, criteria and preferences if we can offer you matches and help you find your life partner. You learn how we work and if the process is something you like. Our key objective from this call is to get an overview of your expectations and understand previously what hasn’t worked for you, so we can make sure you get the best result from our service.
  3. Discussing who your matches are: Once we have a clear understanding of what you are looking for we will discuss who we can match you with, everything is kept confidential about each client so we will discuss basic information, mainly focusing on the personality of the client in keeping within your requirements.
  4. Then we present you with a personalised quote, We can tailor to your preferences also.
  5. Let’s chat, contact us for us to get an idea about each other.
  6. Meet your matches – exciting!
  7. Coaching, advice and meeting feedback– to improve quality of your matches and tailor to your preference.

“Our main objective is you meet someone you feel comfortable with and you actually enjoy the conversation! ”