Every matchmaker knows that getting ready to meet someone new can be incredibly thrilling and exciting – but it can also be overwhelming. With the excitement comes feelings of terror as you begin to think about every possible scenario that could play out, usually ending in disaster. You are not alone in feeling this way. In fact, you already have something in common with the person you are going to meet – they are experiencing the exact same mix of emotions!

Here’s some things to be aware of as you approach a new encounter:

Feeling the Jitters

Nerves are completely normal and natural. Every person experiences nerves when they find themselves in an unfamiliar situation. We then get even more nervous because we think that the other person will be able to see how nervous we are! The best way to combat this is to accept the nerves, even acknowledge them – it can be a great way to break the tension – and trust that once the initial few moments have passed you will start to feel more confident and your nerves will ease.


We have all felt tempted to put something off or cancel it completely because we are having an off-day or, worse still, a bad hair day. It’s easy to get caught up in feeling self-conscious but remember that most of the time the thing that we think is sooo bad, other people won’t even notice – more often than not they are feeling self-conscious about something too!

Don’t “Always Be Prepared”!

While the old Boy Scout motto usually serves us all well in life, it is possible that when meeting someone new to be over-prepared. Try not to Google or Facebook stalk them. There is no need to check out their Instagram or Twitter. It can be so easy to form preconceived notions about someone when you are only getting a snippet of their life. Trust in the matching process and go in with an open mind. It is good to be prepared with some questions to ask but try to relax and let things flow as best you can.

Meeting someone new should be fun and exciting, and nervous energy is part of that mix too. If you trust in the matchmaking process and try to embrace everything you are feeling, rather than fighting it, you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself in no time!