Why hiring a matchmaker will transform your dating life!

In this age of the internet and apps, when we are more comfortable messaging each other than having an actual conversation, it is easy to get disillusioned with dating. Most single (and some not-so-single) people have turned to online dating to try and find a significant other.

It can be very exciting at first – downloading the app, signing up, creating your profile & search criteria, and then scrolling or swiping through reams of possible matches. Look at all the great potential out there!

You match with a couple of people you think you might actually like to meet, chat a bit, set up some dates, fantasise about what this all might lead to…

It’s new. It’s exhilarating; the anticipation. Could this be “The One”?

The answer to that question is somewhat disheartening. The most likely outcome of these dates will be disappointment.

After enough of these experiences, disappointment transforms into disillusionment and you end up in a worse position than you were before you started!

All of a sudden it’s not fun anymore – it’s work. What was excited scrolling now feels like trawling. Gone is the anticipation replaced with perfunctory likes and stilted chat.

But what’s the alternative?

Hire a matchmaker!

Now before you freak out and stop reading because you think that sounds like a crazy idea let me explain why it’s the best thing you can do for your dating life.

Firstly, matchmaking is a personalised service. No online questionnaires or algorithms. You have a confidential conversation with a real person. A person who will take the time to get to know you – your hopes, dreams and aspirations – and with that knowledge be able to match you with potential partners.

A matchmaker understands that one size doesn’t fit all. They provide a bespoke service, working hard to find you YOUR ideal match.

Your information is completely private. No photos of your profile circulating the web. It allows you to ensure that your personal life stays private.

All clients are screened, so it’s a safer way to meet people.

The quality of clients is far superior to your average online dating site. Matchmaking clients are predominantly professionals who want to take charge of their personal lives.

Nowadays time is just as valuable, if not more so, than money. Hiring a matchmaker gives you great value for both. You will save so much time not wading through the mire of online dating that you can really enjoy the process of meeting new people and potentially sparking up a relationship. And even if you’re not quite ready in life to walk down the aisle, you are looking to find a meaningful relationship with long term potential, so why waste your time?

We live such busy lives now, it’s important to take charge of the things that matter to us. We seek professionals in all other areas of our lives – personal trainers, lawyers, accountants – the search for the person you will share your life with should be taken just as seriously. Don’t leave finding a significant other to chance. Hire a matchmaker and revolutionise your dating life.