“From the moment I joined I have been happy with the service so far. This is due to a few reasons. Auntie Naseem communicates very well and is professional about her business. There is a formal process involved so that you know her business is treated professionally and not as a side job. Auntie Naseem keeps records of meetings and feedback so all points are noted for future purposes. She is in no way pushy about price or joining. Yes means yes and no means no, no grey areas at all.

Auntie communicates with all clients personally before taking them on, they need to pass the compatibility assessment. That’s so you know that who you are meeting there is no hidden agenda. All members of staff are friendly, bubbly and approachable, so you feel comfortable discussing and bringing up topics/points. There is no stress or headache because personal match take that in themselves, the only decision you have to make is whether you are interested in a meeting ( potential partner ) or not.

All meets are planned in a reasonable time scale and you are informed in good time. The choice for meeting location has been very well decided, it’d private and somewhat secluded so you can be relaxed in a comfortable environment. As soon as you sign up your meetings process starts swiftly so you know you haven’t been forgotten about, you are in the system and they are helping you.

Even though personal match pick who you meet you never feel like you don’t have control. As long as you keep letting the team know how you feel and why something works or does not work. They can continue with setting up meetings with people that are best suited for you. Communication is key for this service to work because without if the service for you won’t be as effective. Although meetings are only a few days out of the month, there is flexibility as to which date you can attend. You are given a choice out of 2 or 3 days.”