“Masterclass: a great experience, definitely recommend to anyone that’s not been you dont know what you’re missing!😁although I only managed to attend afternoon session ii learnt an awful lot, which in turn helped me with my meets, masterclass gave me the tuition to look at things from a different prospective.. The way the class is run by both baji Naseem is brilliant.. You learn interacting with different people both male/females of all age groups but everyone’s end goal is to find their lifetime partner and get married InshaAllah! Tasks are done individually, in small groups of 3-4 people, and also in pairs. Its a genuinely must attend experience you feel welcomed by everyone taking part, friendly and easy going atmosphere.. ii really enjoyed masterclass felt ii contributed well and was happy to share my experiences as well as listening to others which gave me a way of looking at things from other peoples prospectives. Cant wait for the next masterclass will try to attend the whole event next time InshaAllah!”